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Your guide for how to wear Jewelry, Earring edition:
No matter what your style is, or whether you dress up in business attire or yoga pants most days; Jewelry can make your outfit or break it. I'm a firm believer that everyone's style is unique in its own way. Being in jewelry business as long as I've been, I've seen many pieces that are not popular, but I can assure you there will be someone that can wear it, rock it and make you wonder how you didn't think of it!
My personal favorite piece of jewelry are earrings, so we will start with them. They have a big impact on your look, because earrings are in the line of vision, people see it while they are looking at and and talking to you. 
Living in the south, I have been told many times by our older clients how it used to be un-ladylike to have an ear piercing. That is why clip-ons were so popular in 1930's and 40's.

Stud earring: 

The simple studs in my opinion are just like a little black dress, every woman need to have one! Diamond studs are the ultimate, heirloom worthy, go with everything earrings, But color stones, pearls or just a simple gold or silver are also as versatile. You can't go wrong with studs, they will look good with any style and any hair length/face shape. There is not a wrong way to wear them.
Picture#1 is a pair Moissanite Stud earrings that have gained a lot of attention lately. They offer the look and durability of diamonds but at a much more affordable price range. 
The picture in the middle is a beautiful pair Sapphire stud earrings with diamond halo
The last picture is very fun pair of glitter square stud earrings by Kate Spade.
Click on each picture for more info.
Moissanite stud earrings         Stud earrings Blue Stud earrings color


Chances are you have multiple pairs of hoops, in different sizes, colors, with or with out stones. I would have to to say They are the most popular type of earrings right after the studs. They been around forever, but became huge in the 90's and kind of became a classic.
If you have a longer face with finer bones the thinner but bigger in diameter looks best on you. A thicker or wider hoop between 1-2" in diameter will compliment a fuller/round face. 
Lafonn inside out hoop earrings E3001CLR00
Lafonn inside out earring from Farsi Jewelers $240
Hoop Earrings
Farsi jewelers inside out hoop comes in different sizes.
 of my favorite Local fashion bloggers My Style Vita wears them beautifully!
 Picture courtesy of

 Chandelier earring: 

My most favorite! Long drops and chandler earrings are sure to draw attention. Their job is to make a statement. if you are petite you may want to stay away from very large or long chandelier earring, since they will over power you. Also don't over accessories with these! A statement necklace usually will compete with a chandelier earring and they are better to be worn separately.
I can sit here and post so many pictures of beautiful drop earrings, I'll just have to stop myself at these three!!
 Lafonn drop earrings                     
Beautiful earring $205 @ farsi Jewelers
Chandler Earrings
                Rose gold and diamond earrings from Farsi Jewelers 
and just because of the recent Golden Globe, I had to share these.
Golden Glob
No matter what style earring you wear, make sure you pair it with a smile!

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