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Is the halo engagement ring trend dying?

Before we answer this question, let's take a look at the history of the halo design and the advantages of a halo design to your ring are! 

The halo design, historically was simply used to enhance the center stone either as a ring, a necklace, or a set of earrings. In most cases, they were used with color stones as an accent color. In recent years we have seen more demand for the design, simply because it makes the center stone look larger. So say that you have a round diamond, and you want to make it look more like a cushion cut diamond, a halo can change the outline of your center stone to make it appear to be a different shape (in this case, more like a cushion cut).

In the early years of my career, I was asked to do a cushion cut halo design with a 2 carat oval shaped diamond, at the time oval shaped stones were losing their popularity and cushion cut was gaining popularity, but not everyone wants to change their center stone. So we did it, and to this day it has been one of the most admired pieces I've done.

Because we are a custom design house, we are able to take your existing material, and create a brand new design. In the previous blog post,  we talked about investing in diamonds and precious metals that you will have a generations of opportunity to recreate trends using the same material. 

Round Diamond in a cushion halo  French pave' set

Round Diamond in a cushion halo

French pave' set

Double halo - Split Shank  1.25 ct fancy yellow diamond

Double halo - Split Shank

1.25 ct fancy yellow diamond

Bezel Set blue sapphire   Bezel set halo

Bezel Set blue sapphire 

Bezel set halo

So to answer the question, no the trend will never die. The most popular halo design that we do to this day was originally designed in 1930. If you are interested in redesigning your existing jewelry, or designing a new piece, there are a lot different halo designs available. Luckily now that we have the help of 3D design software and computer rendering you get to see your design even before goes into production. This way you can see the exact end product and make changes before the final piece is created specially for you! 

~ Cheers 

Art Deco Engagement Rings


Who can forget the most known princess Diana's ring?

Art Deco engagement ring 

2.94 ct European cut diamond .

circa 1930 to 1945

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